Online & Print Publications
An online adjunct to the monthly print magazine Today’s Caregiver.  The online site includes an online form and chat room, in addition to a number of current articles and links.  The online forum is similar to a bulletin board, and may be searched by key word. Online chat is generally live from 8:00 – 10:00 pm each evening.  Access to the online resources are free. The print edition of Today’s Caregiver costs $18 for six issues.  

The Caregiver’s Handbook
This book is directed primarily at the caregiver.  This is not a how to book focused on problems of the ill patient.  Rather, it offers practical approaches to common caregiver problems.  Staying healthy, avoiding depression, remaining active, making friends, enjoying pleasurable activities are an essential part of any human life, including those of caregivers.  Serving as the primary caregiver for an ill loved one should not make life meaningless. 

Untangling Dementia by Tam Cummings
Untangling Alzheimer’s takes the mystery and fear out of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias by making a complex, often-overwhelming disease process understandable to all readers.

Because We Care – An Online Eldercare Guide
An online resource guide for the growing number of Americans who are caring for an older family member, adult child with disabilities, or older friend.  This Guide provides information and a range of suggestions to make caregiving easier and more successful — whether you are the caregiver or the person who ensures that your family member or friend receives the best possible care from others. 


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